3D Artefacts

3D Artefacts


We are currently compiling the information about our previous excavation and research. With this we are also 3D scanning some of the find artefacts. In this 3D model you can see an animal headed brooch from the excavations from Fröjel.

The brooch was a part of the burial set from a middle aged woman buried by the harbor. She had alot of artefacts with her and the animal headed brooch is part of the typical Gotlandic woman dress.

The God Odin

A small bronze figurine most likely depicting Odin with one eye. What the picture doesn't show is that the figurine is double sided and has a hole straight through its head.

This hole may have been used for fastening the figurine and the back side is worn from wear. 

Photo by

Roland Hejdström

A gilded brooch from one of the grave fields at Paviken

The brooch was found during a metal detecting survey in the 2015 field course at Paviken II. It's dated to the Vendel Period and is made of bronze with a gold overlay to bring out the pattern. Read more about the excavations at Paviken here!

A Bone comb

It's important to keep up with apperances! You would think that the bone comb is a typical female attribute but it's actually more associated with men.

This comb was found in the Viking Age harbour Fröjel on the west side of the Gotlandic coast. Its made up by three different bone parts, one on the middle with the teeth and two for the handles on each side. This makes the grip part thicker and better to hold. The pieces are fastned with small bronze pegs.