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Gotland Archaeological Field School is part of Arendus Ltd. Arendus is a private archaeology firm based on Gotland and is not connected to or a part of any university. Therefore we cannot give credits on our own account. We do provide you with a transcript of your grades and performance in the course.


How do I gain credits for the course?


This is a matter of having a discussion with your university. Previous students from the US have been able to take the course for credits after talking to their department and/or professor and having them sign off for the course. The process would entail students to talk to their advisor, department head or professor and show them the information about the field school. Helpful documents to have can be seen and downloaded here to the right. They would then have to ask how to gain credits for the course. The most common way is to create an independent study. Their university would create a "class" for just that student (or in some cases a small group of students) in which if they complete the field school with satisfactory grades they would receive credit through their university.


There are other ways and it depends on your home university. It always involves, however, that you have a direct discussion with your department. The documents shown here can help in gaining credits through your own university. If you want to gain credits it's very important that you talk to your university officials before the course final payment or the course start.


The course is academically equivalent to 5 ECTS points.


The field school director, Dan Carlsson, and the field school is RPA registered and can be found at the RPA website.

















Medieval house foundation at Fjäle.




Can't see or download the documents? Send an email to and you will have them emailed to you!


An example of the transcript that you get after completing the course available for download.


If you need your transcript to be mailed to a University postal adress let us know BEFORE you leave the course.

The outlined syllabus for the 2016 course can be downloaded here.

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