A new silver hoard found on Gotland - again!!

In May this year, a complete and well preserved silver hoard was found in a field in southern Gotland. And just a few days ago, another hoard was found! This time by the farmers of Övide farm in Eskelhem parish. The hoard was discovered when the farmer found some silver coins in a soil dump spread out after being taken away form another site (the original place for the hoard).


The hoard contains at time being of some 650 coins, a huge number of pieces of silver artefacts, raw material, bars etc, and weigh about 1,5 kilo (the investigation is still going on, and the hoard will for certain be bigger in the end).


The youngest coin is from around AD 1130, and the oldest from 8th century. The most interesting about the hoard is the silver bars, melted silver pieces etc, pointing to the fact that it is the remains of a well supplied metal worker or silver smith.

Dan Carlsson

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