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In 2016 we'll excavate a new area on Gotland dating from the Viking Age



Learn about earlier excavations in Gotland Archaeological Field School


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It’s a new year and time for a new field course and a new archaeological season on Gotland. Here in Sweden the world is covered under snow and we're in need of a little inspiration! Therefore, we are holding a photo contest where we want you to share your best photo from one of our field schools with us. We'll draw three winners who all get a copy of The Viking World, edited by Stefan Brink in collaboration with Neil Price!


To enter the contest, you need to post your picture on our Facebook wall and share it. Our Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/GotlandFieldSchool Write a caption describing what’s going on and tag it ‪#‎MyBestPhotoGAFS‬. The contest is open until February 15th and the three winners will be published here and on our website www.gotland-fieldschool.com.


Take this oppurtunity to reminisce and at the same time win one of the best books that compiles different aspects of the Viking World!

About us

Gotland Archaeological Field School started at the excavations at the Viking Age harbour and trading site Fröjel in 1998. The course has since excavated a range of different sites on Gotland, including Paviken - Another harbour and trading site, as well as farmsteads.


The field school is managed by Arendus AB, which is a small archaeology buisness located on Gotland. We have more than 30 years of experience with Gotlands cultural heritage and excavations. Together with the Gotland Folk High School and independent researchers we aim at spreading the knowledge about Gotlands rich prehistory.

Scroll down to see some of our 3D scannings from our excavations

The God Odin


A small bronze figurin most likely depicting Odin with one eye. What the picture doesn't show is that the figurine is double sided and has a hole straight through its head.


This hole may have been used for fastening the figurine and the back side is worn from wear.

Photo by

Roland Hejdström

A gilded brooch from one of the grave fields at Paviken


The brooch was found during a metal detecting survey in the 2015 field course at Paviken II. It's dated to the Vendel Period and is made of bronze with a gold overlay to bring out the pattern. Read more about the excavations at Paviken here!



We are currently compiling the information about our previous excavation and research. With this we are also 3D scanning some of the find artefacts. In this 3D model you can see an animal headed brooch from the excavations from Fröjel.


The brooch was a part of the burial set from a middle aged woman buried by the harbor. She had alot of artefacts with her and the animal headed brooch is part of the typical Gotlandic womans dress.

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